A Smile

cinthia - thornton, Colorado
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was younger my mom always told me, “A smile can light up any day.” While I never did believe this a smile was just teeth and nothing more, until I met Danielle. It was my very first day of school while, I was so afraid to get on the bus not knowing what would come next. Then I heard the doors open. I took a deep breath and steeped on the bus. I look for a place to sit, then I saw a girl with a very friendly smile and when she smiled I couldn’t help but to smile back. So I sat next to her on the bus she was very talkative her name was Danielle. She smiled the whole way to school, we even had the same class together and she couldn’t stop smiling. Her smile was very contagious she even made a couple of teachers smile that day. While it’s been along time since kindergarten and Danielle and I were friends through kindergarten and 1st grade, but over the first summer something happened Danielle drowned in a Denver public pool. I saw her picture on the front of the newspaper; her big kool-aid smile drew my attention. I gave the newspaper to my mom and she read it and asked “Do you know this girl?” I told her “I know her she’s my best friend Danielle.” My mom looked at me real hard and I asked her what the paper said. She said “Baby you’re friend went to heaven” I knew what that meant my cousin went to heaven too. I started to cry and couldn’t stop, but every time I thought of Danielle I could only see her smile. Her big, gorgeous, perfect smile and I stopped crying and started smiling. Now a days people take a simple smile for granted but a smile is more than just teeth it brings others happiness. Since Danielle’s death I’ve tried to smile at least three times a day because if her smile meant so much to me maybe my smile could mean something great to another person. I believe when they smile maybe someone else will smile and so on. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her smile and may be when I smile she see’s it too.