Thomas - Oak Forest, Illinois
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

Thomas Gollogly

Com 101


4, December 2008


I believe in speed, which is the rate of motion or change in position, in a healthy positive way. You can achieve speed in many different ways. I have chosen to enjoy speed with what man has created today, machines. I have felt the power of many different machines. These machines being the vehicles that have been revolutionized into horse power hungry cars, trucks, motorcycles, wave runners, boats, etc… It’s unexplainable the rush of adrenaline that is driven through my body when I mash on an accelerator, and feel the G Force against my body, while being pushed back or trying to hold onto a wheel or handle bars, in route to reach the maximum potential of the desired machine.

Speed has been being advanced since day one of anything that has started moving. Anything from running, gliding against the concrete, water, or flying through the air, only you have the control to push the machine harder or lay off on speed. Speed is a force to be reckoned with. When working with speed, you cannot go fast unless you are willing to go slow. Centrifugal force is a dangerous factor when speeding with any machine. Going slow, or slowing down is what makes speeding fun. You continuously have to achieve speed instead of just maintaining it. Making a turn is an example of why you must slow your vehicle or craft down, to only make it through the turn and feel the acceleration of your machine in which you are trying to top out only until you reach the next turn, or final destination. You must always respect speed and speed will respect you in return. I believe speed is a gateway to relieve stress when practiced responsibly, and a great way to enjoy one’s self. Speed only where allowed, otherwise the speed that can be used to relieve stress may turn around to cause stress. I love enjoying speed in closed circuits or wide open waters where nobody is at dangerous except me. I have given speed the respect it deserves and it has done the same to me, that is why I have not been injured by the force I enjoy and respect most.