Patience is a Necessity

Hang - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe being patience is a necessity in gaining happiness.

I remember when I was in third grade and thought I grew up in a place where everybody spoke perfect English except for me. My patience, as a child, was very short due to the immense amount of teasing I got from my classmate because I happen to have an accent that stood out more than others did. My low self-esteem drop even more and I started to becomes an emotional wreck. Throughout third grade, I was require to go to a speech class which would help me improve the way I pronounce the sound “r” and “th” made. I became frustrated every time somebody mocked me and how every time I practiced pronouncing the sounds, it never turns out perfect. Then my third-grade self made a rash decision to pretend to improve my speech by rushing through my speech exercises in order to get out of this terrible school. After my teacher found out after two week into my plans, she gave me an advice about how I need to be patience and if I was so worry about everybody making fun of my accent, I should work on my speech exercises slowly instead of rushing so I could improve faster. Eventually, I listen to her advice and soon the teasing lessens and I found my happiness again. My belief that patience is a necessity in gaining happiness began to develop from this lesson.

As time passes, many of my friends couldn’t relate to my belief and soon I start to develop thoughts about maybe my belief wasn’t true at all until recently I discover the truth about my mother past. I always thought my mother lives a carefree life but during my sophomore year of high school, I discover that was not true. She wasn’t just an immigrant who came from Vietnam to the U.S. but she was an immigrant who lives in a refugee camp in Thailand for several years. This discovery happens after I ran out of patience and got in a fight with my father. My mother told me how I should have been patience with my father because without him and her, I wouldn’t be in America today and I would still be living in a cramp refugee camp in Thailand. She told me about how she waited patiently in the refugee camp for the letter of confirmation that allows us to live in America. She lives through the little food supply and harsh conditions in the refugee camp for several years until she finally receive the letter that led her to her happiness today. She waited patiently without giving up because she wanted her family to be happy. After hearing this, I never doubted again that being patience is a necessity in gaining happiness.

Today, I continue to stick to my belief and appreciate the time I have in life. There is nothing more important than the feeling of happiness. This I believe.