Cameron - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Sports have always been a main focus of my life, and I have always wanted to succeed and be the best at what I am doing. No matter what level of play I was at, I still wanted to win and not lose. When I was in middle school, I started to throw the discus in track and field. My father taught me how to throw along with my older brother when I was in the fifth grade. When I got in sixth grade I joined the track team and threw the discus 66 feet. In seventh grade I threw the discus 114 feet. After that season, I was determined to break the school record of 141 feet 8 inches. So I worked real hard in the off season and at practice and during practice I threw it between 140 and 150 feet. But right before the first meet, I broke my ankle and had to have a cast on for four weeks. With the cast on I still threw 120 feet, and then when I got the cast off I had 3 meets to get the record. It was the last meet and my last throw and I threw it 141 feet 4 inches, 4 inches short of the record. I was devastated, but my father gave me advice that I will always remember, “There will be bigger and better things down the road.” And sure enough he was right. In high school, my senior year I threw over 170 feet and got 6th in the state in discus. In football, we went 14-1 and were state runner ups. Also, I was all state and all conference in both discus and football, and got many other awards in football including a full ride scholarship. My father taught me to keep my head up even when I am feeling down because there is something else to accomplish on the horizon. I believe that this story instilled a discipline in me and a hard work ethic. I don’t take anything for granted now and I know that I have to do everything that I can to win the task at hand because I never know how short I will come up, sometimes it is inches.