The power of music.

Jessica - pembroke pines, Florida
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As a singer I guess you would expect me to say that I believe in the power of music. Growing up I knew every word to every song, and I still do. I live and learn through music. From the soulful sounds of Aretha Franklin to the pop sounds of Christina Aguilera. I grew up with it all. I believe that no matter what someone is going through there is a song out there that they could relate to. I say this because everything that I have been through in my life I have always found a song that related to me. When my favorite cousin (who was like a brother to me) passed away all I could listen to was Brandy, Tamia,Gladys Knight, Chaka Kahn – missing you. When I was younger trying to learn my ABC’s there was the ABC song that helped me.

Music is something that everyone can look up to. Little kids to adolescents. Young adults to old people. We all have a song or a couple of songs that we love. Music is always there and always will be. Even if they were to ever put a ban to music, it will always be there, no matter where you are a random song will always pop up in your mind. Music is a way to express your true feelings. There’s no way anyone could take that away. I couldn’t imagine the world without it. .

When I listen to music, it always takes over me. It relates to me like a best friend would. When I’m sad about a break up I just pop in Boys II Men or Mary J. Blige and even sometimes Pink into computer. When I’m happy I’ll listen to Ciara and Lady Gaga and their crazy beats and beautiful voices and begin to move my feet. When I’m in love I’ll listen to Chris Brown and Beyonce claiming how much they care for their spouse’s. I’ve been through so much in life and music has always been there for me. I honestly would not know what I would count on if there was no such thing as music. Well besides God, friends, and family at least. In my everyday life music is continuously running through my head. Sometimes its playing on headphones other times is just stuck in my head. Either way music is always going on in some way or another. So don’t let music just pass by you. If your going through a hard time or even a happy time listen to a song and embrace it, take it in as much as possible I promise you won’t regret it.