produce something

Danielle - loysville, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

The problem with our country and economy is there are too many people making $ off of too few making products. We need to get back to the basics where people create something real that can be used, eaten or consumed such as energy in a responsible way. Having too many people making $ off of the labors of a few means all those middlemen middlewomen bankers, stock market thieves, car salespeople, realestate salespeople, etc etc etc are sucking up the profits of those who actually create the products. I moved to a farm where i am helping an elderly couple raise organic grass fed beef. Many farmers need help. Many people need REAL JOBS WHERE THEY PRODUCE SOMETHING. Then we will not be affected by the market place and business people who steal profits from hard working people. We have computers now so we don’t need all these middle people reselling what a farmer grows or what a car maker makes or what a home builder builds etc etc etc. We need these lazy sales people and banker middle people types to get a real job and create something. If they can’t find a job then move to a farm and help the farmers for your food and a place to stay. Yes some middle people will be needed but not to the point where they are highly valued and paid better than the actual people doing the creating which is what has happened. Why do bankers make more than farmers? Why do stock market thieves make more than the people who invest their savings? Why do sales people make more $ than the people producing the products? This is the problem and until this is changed learn to accept the job cuts and the thieves of some of our politicians who continue promoting this false logic economy. Our politicians need to start demanding that the producers our or country need to be paid the most and not the bankers and middle people types who produce nothing. If you want to invest then invest in a local farm or hold a personal mortgage.