Cultural Growing Pains

Jarett - Provo, Utah
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that some people are blessed/cursed with the constant urge to see over the next ridge…to see if they can achieve…to see if they are worthy.

I also believe that many people are blessed/cursed with the desire to stay in the present…to enjoy the secure feelings of it…and to protect themselves by making it wrong to

not be like them.

Is it jealousy?…sometimes. Is it fear of being left behind?…often. I have never understood the talk about obligations to help, but insisting that one stays the same to do it.

Doesn’t that just guarantee the current to be the future?

I know…that it is, in fact, a lonely road…a painful road…It also is, in fact, a journey that has many rewards…personal ones…some for close family and friends….and some for others that look up to us!

I believe it is very possible to help from afar, and to be of little help from close by!!!!