The girl in the painting

Lisa - bridgeveiw, Illinois
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

When I was younger I always thought life was so rough; I lied to get my way out of a bad situation and ran away from my problems at home and at school. My only escape was to write or paint. The one thing I will always remember was the first time I realized how precious the truth and facing your problems are; that you can’t change an unpleasant reality if you won’t ackowledge it. You can only controll what you willing to face. Truth hurts. Lies can kill. I recall attending an art museum when I was sixteen, I walked through the door thinking what is going to bring me under today. I closed my eyes hoping not to see an exit sign immaculately calling my name. I looked around with concealed eyes of consideration and my legs were weary and my mind was exhausted. All I desired was a place for peace-to respite.

I came across this painting of this girl sitting, crying, though her surroundings were the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. I studied the painting for long as I could, trying to decode her story. Throughout the entire evening, I couldn’t get the image out of my head and as I feel alseep that night, I had a dream of the girl in the painting that changed my life entirely.

The girl in the painting sceamed to me-I told her I do not ned to be fixed, I am not broken…I just need a safe place. I did not understand why I was standing there talking to this painting, telling her my deepest feeling and secrets. The she spoke, “ Hello, I am just your mind giving you some place to run.” I replyed, shocked at the honesty in her voice, “forgive me if I smile and don’t believe. I know eventually I will wake from this dream.” I saw rain clouds coming over her beautiful landscape and I lowered my head and said, “ I wish I could escape the chaos and lies.” The girl in the painting gave me a smile that simply said I could if I wanted to. Suddenly, she wasn’t a painting, she took my hand and delicately spoke, “ You can’t change an unpleasant reality if you won’t ackowledge it. You can only controll what you willing to face. Truth hurts. Lies can kill.” I looked at her feeling the meaning underneath the words, taking it in. I knew then that this was life changing; a new alteration to consider. Suddenly, I heard a voice so anxious and tender, “hasn’t anyone told you she’s not breathing?” Shock flooded my face and I searched for the girl from the painting. Everything shifted behind me; I noticed I was the one not breathing because then I knew I am not dreaming anymore, though I was still there, all that was left of yesterday.

The next day I went back to the museum and I walked in the door determend, nothing could bring me down today. I closed my eyes knowing the exit sign could be infront of my face and I wouldn’t think twice about turing around. I looked around with open eyes of consideration. I now know her story…The tears of yesterday that make the truth of today. Ever since that night, I take what I have for what it is worth.

I confront my strugles and do not tell unnessasary lies. Lieing making thinking worse and what ever you trying to escape is now in shambles. If you just acknowledge your problems and face it with the truth and courage, the rain clouds will simply ease. I recently got a tattoo on my arm of the word truth with a butterfly reminding me of what I learned that day. How something so simple can mean so much. I will never forget the girl in the painting, and I will never forget what that you can not change an unpleasant reality if you wont acknowlege it. Truth hurts. Lies can kill.