Lacey - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

To put it simply, I believe in my family.

The summer before my eighth grade year my family re-roofed our house. I helped some but stayed out of the way most of the time. Too little to help, I got stuck watching my little sister and her friend who was visiting us from Kansas City. On one of the nights her friend stayed with us, my sister and I got into a fight about nothing and after all the yelling, she went outside crying. Of course I followed, trying to console her and apologize, but she wouldn’t listen. I decided to just let it go and waited on one of our patio chairs.

After a little while my sister began telling me something while she and her friend walked along the sides of one of the trailers my family used for the roofing materials. All of a sudden she stumbled and hit her head on a corner of the trailer. In complete shock, I immediately picked her up and hurried to my neighbors where my mother was at, and while they went to the hospital, I had to stay at home with my sister’s friend.

When waiting for my sister to return from the hospital, I sat and cried. I had by then changed my shirt, which was covered in blood, and began contemplating how I treated the rest of my family. For the first time, I realized that our little fight could’ve been the last thing said between us and in reality, hadn’t been very important.

Fortunately, my sister didn’t hit her eye, being only half an inch off; and she managed to only need a few stitches for her gash. However, since that day, whenever my sister and I fight, I never yell, and I always end it with an “I Love You”, no matter how mad I am.

My family is relatively close and we hang out every chance we get. I am more sensitive now when it comes to joking around however and the rest of my family understands why. My family has yet let me down, and I have yet to do the same. To get through anything, you must stay by your family’s side because you need them to stay by yours. To survive you need your family.

This is what I believe. This is what I live by. This is my credo.