The Game of Life

Lamar - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Throughout my life, so far, in playing video games I have accepted the ideas of playing as another being and having multiple lives that are easily dispensable. And if I did die or saw that dreaded “Game Over” screen I would just hit play again or, in the worst case scenario, restart the game feeling no sorrow just a sense of failure. This brilliant idea of having multiple lives allowed for the chance of doing a little better each time, improving until I reach the point of beating the game. To even think about a chaotic game where there was only one life, one chance, and dying meant I could not come back to life, would be utterly depressing, probably even worse than the death itself.

Sadly this idea of having multiple, and sometimes an infinite number of lives does not exist in the real world. In this world I have no other chances to improve; a single mistake can cost me gravely and I cannot just restart alive and unharmed.

I believe that since I only have one life to live I might as well make myself known, not necessarily in the sense of becoming famous but rather in the idea of living life to the fullest. This belief is basically a variant of a Carpe Diem mixed with the Scarface mentality, “The World Is Yours”. Many events in life are unexpected, including death, and I cannot heavily mourn over bad things that happen in my life. I feel that it is my obligation to do something about it. I do not have to wait to hear “Sorry you only have a few more months to live” in order to do something important in my life. The world is full of countless possibilities of what I can do and who I can become, to do nothing and become no one is a waste of life, that is why I try to make myself known, making a mark on this world. So when I do arrive at the point of “Game Over” I can proudly end the game with no regrets. And unfortunately this cannot be done if I am just sitting here playing video games.