This I Believe

Karli - Grangeville, Idaho
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in the undying love a mother has for her daughter. Even though at times I feel all alone in the world, not one time in m life have I ever had to face an unpleasant situation where my mother wasn’t by my side to face it with me. Ever since I can remember, I have always been a “mommy’s girl.” My dad was never around much, but in all honesty, even if had been there more, I don’t think we would have become any closer than we are. My mom was always the one who I would go to if I had a cut that needed kissed, or if I had a monster I needed protected from, or if I was upset because I didn’t want to share my toy’s. She was always my superman-or in this case wonder woman- who would guide me away from evil things, but save me from them when they were inevitable. I’m old enough now to where I can just slap a band-aid on my cuts and call it good. I can now tell myself that monsters aren’t real and they can’t harm me. Oh, and as far as the sharing issue, I’ve learned that sharing really is caring. Now she’s the one who tells me men are useless when I get my heart broken. She’s the one who tries her hardest to keep me away from bad influences, and she’s the one who holds my head up when I feel like a failure. As I am coming up on the day when I will pack my bags, get in my car, and drive away into a new life, whatever that life might be, I can only hope that I will make her proud. Because she has done so many great things for me, I want her to look at me when I am all grown up and think “wow that is my daughter,” just so she can see what a wonderful job she has done in raising me. And if fate does not allow to be successful , if I end up working at a McDonald’s for the rest of my life, or selling tickets at a carnival, or becoming a hobo who takes change from strangers. I know that she will still love me. She’s my mom.