The Journey

Daniel - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My Journey

I believe that the journey is the destination. No matter what we do in life we have some kind of destination designed in our brains, some place we want to go or something we want to accomplish. We think to ourselves that what we do in life or what we accomplish in life makes us the kind of people we are. But isn’t it really what we do to accomplish our goals that defines who we truly are?

In other words we are defined by our actions. For example, say that you become the first person to step foot on Mars and you become the most famous astronaut ever, some people would say that you have lived your life in a good way because of what you have accomplished. But what if you hadn’t been too honest about how you got to be the astronaut picked for the mission? What if you had cheated on the test to get the job? How in the world does that make you a good person? So, if your accomplishments can’t always honestly define you, what can? It’s what you do on the road to your goal that really shows who you are.

As a rock climber the phrase ‘the journey is the destination’ makes sense in so many different ways. My first realization of this came when I was at the top of a climb, about 150 feet in the air. As I looked down upon the slab I had just climbed, I came to the realization that the fact that I had the ability to climb the wall was more amazing and more important to me than actually reaching the top. It was amazing that without falling, without help, and without cheating at all, I could and did climb this wall. I wasn’t climbing to get to the top, I was climbing to prove that I could do it and do it honestly.

If you asked to name one person, one single person, in the entire world that hasn’t experienced this feeling of ability to make the journey or do something they didn’t know they could, I wouldn’t be able to. I wouldn’t be able to because everyone has had a moment like this in his or her lifetime because it can pertain to anything. Sports, weight loss, writing a book, discovering enlightenment, etc. everyone has an experience of proving to themselves what they can do, some just haven’t realized it yet. In time they will find themselves looking at something they have just done and they will think to themselves, “ Wow… I didn’t know I could do that.” In that moment they will find that the journey truly is the destination.