Driving for peace and clarity

Desirae - Biloxi, Mississippi
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Every child grows up and learns habits from their parents. Some learn the importance of saving your money, some learn to be clean freaks, and some learn habits that are not very common. The main habit I picked up on was from my mother. As a little girl a remember watching my mom get into fights with the boyfriend she had at the time, always ending in doors slamming. After the fight would occur my mom would always climb into her car, drive and would not return for three hours and twenty minutes. This time limit is how long it took to drive around the beautiful Lake Tahoe and how long it took for her to clear her mind. Now that I have grown up and live on my own I believe the tunnel vision that comes from driving clears the mind and allows for organized thoughts and reasoning as well as a sense of serenity.

The challenges that I have been faced with this year range from very small such as saving for a new car, to extremely big such as moving out of my mother’s home and learning to take care of myself completely. Starting off my first year in college I was in a home I was not use to, hours away from all of my family and had to rely on just myself. With these changes I found myself very stressed out and unable to have clear thoughts and my emotions were at an all time high. I found myself one night in the mood to just completely give up and stop caring, so I climbed into my car and began driving. With no exact location I turned my music up and put myself into a tunnel and allowed all thoughts to just flow. As each new thought came into my mind I pondered on them, discussed the possibilities of how to deal with them, found the right route to take, and then moved onto the next thought. Three hours later I stopped for gas and found that I no longer wanted to give up and that I wanted to push on with how my life was going. From that night on when I feel overwhelmed I just drive and listen to music. Tunnel vision sets in and I figure out how to deal with each problem at hand. Day by day new problems arise in my life. Each and everyone can be overcome with a full tank of gas, a good mix of music, and an open road.