Family is Everything!

Alana - groveport, Ohio
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe that everything in my life happens for a reason. I used to be sad about things that have happened and thought that it was not fair. Now that I look back at the things that have happened to me I can see why they had to.

We lived in Germany when my parents got divorced and I was three years old. My dad got custody of my brother and I and my dad got remarried. We then moved to Louisiana with my stepmom and her daughter that my Dad adopted.

My Mom moved to Arkansas, got remarried to a man that already had a son. They had a baby girl that was my half sister. My brother and I would visit our mom and sister every summer and every other Christmas. We kept in touch with them all the time and even though I wish she was always with me I knew she would always love me.

Soon after we moved to Ohio my Dad got divorced again and my stepmom and adopted sister moved out. After a while my dad remarried for the third and last time. My new stepmom moved from Chicago to live with us, she was very nice and helped my brother and I get through some hard times. Together they had two boys; they are the best thing that has happened to my family. My brothers have brought my family even closer together.

As all these changes were happening in my life I could finally see why they had to happen. Because if none of those things happened to me then I would not have all my siblings or my stepmom that I love very much. I have learned that family is and always will be the most important thing in my life. Without them I would not have anything!

My Dad has been there for me my whole life and he is very important to me. I talk to my mom and sister in Arkansas everyday and we are so close even though we are so far apart. I see my adopted sister every other weekend and we have a great bond since we grew up together. My only full sibling is my older brother and he is the only one who knows what I have gone through because he went through the same thing with me. My two little brothers are so important to me. They mean a lot to my whole family and we all would do anything for them.

I used to think my family was different in a bad way, but I would never change my family and I could not ask for a better one. It takes time for me to realize why things had to happen in my life. Like when my Grandpa died of Cancer my first month in college. He was so important to me and it made college harder when he passed away. It made me realize to cherish the days you have with your loved ones because you never know when it will be their last. This I believe that family is everything to me and always will be.