Love At Second Sight

Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Everyone knows that love at first means seeing someone for the first time and just knowing that they are the one. But have you ever know someone for most of your life and then one day just look at then suddenly realizing it’s something new? This is why I believe in love at second sight.

When I went into my first year of middle school I was scared but I always made a lot of friends. One of my good friends was Will. I met him my sixth grade year and we have been friends ever since. We weren’t always best friends but we hung out with the same people and went to dances and parties together in the same group. But Will was just a guy that was my friends and I never thought more of it. So, like all friends, we would say hi to each other when we saw each other all the way up to my junior year. This was the year when everything started to changed.

We had always been friends but this year it was different. We were both going to the same technical school so we would ride together like every day so we became really good friends. After awhile we started hanging out a lot and that’s when I finally realized this was something different. Will wasn’t just my goofy best friend he was someone I wanted to be with. After liking him my whole junior year he finally realized it too. We have now been together for a year and a half and I love him very much.

I guess it just never occurred to me how someone you have known since sixth grade could be the one person you have been looking for your whole life. It’s weird to think that the shy boy I once knew could end up being the special guy in my life. Never forget the ones that you have always known. Maybe the best friend of yours is the one for you. First glances are sometimes the best ones to go by but don’t over look the second ones sometimes they are the ones that really count.