Any Happiness is Good Happiness

Alex - Schaumburg, Illinois
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

As this year’s Thanksgiving break was dwindling down, I did something that, in my head, is notable. For the first time in about a month and a half I encountered my ex-girlfriend. Needless to say, it was very tough to convince myself into seeing her. All I could think about, as I was driving over to her house, was the swell of emotions that might overtake me as I would take my first glimpse of someone that I had held in such high regard only a few months ago. I thought about all of the pain that I had gone through in the early months of college as we established that we were just going to be friends. I thought about all of the anger that had built up inside of me. I did not want to have a depression relapse, and better yet, I did not want to lash out at her.

What had gotten me through the tough times of the Fall, was a very simple procedure. My mom had me convinced that if I pretended to be happy for a while, this manufactured happiness would become real, and that everyone around me would benefit. It took me a while to accept this technique obviously because it seemed so contrived, but I was convinced when I started to compile a group of friends and Ball State University started to feel like home to me.

With this in mind, I opened the front door to my ex-girlfriend’s house, and realized that I was going to be okay. I knew that, in my heart, I was happier with the situation than I was a month and a half ago. I was able to catch up with her, and she seemed very happy to see me. And for the first time, I really felt like this friendship idea might actually work. I owe this to my happiness. I believe that everyone deserves to see others happy because I believe that happiness is contagious. If you always hang your head down and feel sorry for yourself, you will never exude a light and happy manner, and that will bring others around you down with you. That’s no way to live life. Happiness begets happiness, and if you exude happiness you’ll never be sad again.