Stand True

Hillary - Winooski, Vermont
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: tolerance

I believe everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs and no person should be allowed alter them. The first time I experienced someone trying to “correct” one of my beliefs was in the fifth grade. I am a Roman Catholic. I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A boy in my fifth grade class would constantly harass me about being an alter girl.

“There is no such thing as God! Everybody knows that there is no heaven and hell. Stupid people believe in God.”

This idea hurt me and damaged my faith. Was he right? Was I living a lie my whole life? I went home in tears and confronted my mom on the matter.

“People have different beliefs Hillary. You were brought up to value God and he was not. Everyone is allowed their own opinions on such matters. It does not mean one or the other is wrong. He was at fault by trying to tell you that your faith in God is stupid. People believe in different things and that is okay.”

My mother kept reiterating how important it was not to let him change my faith in God. Listening to her speech taught me a life lesson. She taught me when to choose my battles about beliefs. People are always going to have opinions that differ; but that give anyone the right to change something I feel strongly about. My values and beliefs created the person that I am today because I didn’t let anyone transform them. Every belief brought me down a path that lead me to where I am today, currently a student at Saint Michael’s College and attending church almost every week. They gave me life and something to look forward to. If I did not believe in God then what would I believe in? I would rather believe in something such as God, than live like that boy in my fifth grade class, who did not believe in anything. It was wrong for that boy to try and strip me of my personal belief.

Learning from this situation, I believe no person has the right to judge whether a personal belief is right or wrong.