True Meaning of Love

Devon - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

One value we learn in life is how to love one another and what the meaning of love truly is. For some it doesn’t take long at all and for others it could take a life time to figure this out. My personal belief in life is to let the ones that are close to me know that I love them as much as possible. Even if it’s just a simple text or call to any one family member I feel by just telling them I love them has made their day and mine.

For me I figured out what the meaning of love is two winters ago when I was 16. It was over winter break and it had snowed about 5 inches over night and was continuing to snow. My sister, Chelsea who was 10, and I decided to go outside and play in the snow because it is one of our favorite thing to do together. The place for sledding in our neighborhood is by the lake across the street from our house where there is hill that everyone goes to. Well after about an hour of sledding I started to get cold so I went back to the house while my sister stayed behind with her friends. Another hour had passed and I had been sitting watching T.V. when I heard screaming outside. I got up and looked out the window and saw Chelsea walking towards the door screaming and crying. I opened up the door and noticed that she was drenched. She came inside and told me that she went too far down the hill and fell on the ice which then gave in causes her to fall into the freezing water. In panic and not knowing what to do I called my dad and asked what to do while we waited for him to come home. Chelsea had to sit in a cold bath so her body wouldn’t go into shock and so her body could somewhat warmed up because she was in the water for over a minute.

While we waited I was so worried that I was going to lose my sister to hypothermia. After all the hysteria and mayhem was over I kept thinking what I would have done if Chelsea had gone into shock or if she would have been stuck in the lake. I realized how much I loved my sister and how much I needed her in my life. Even though through all the bickering my sister and I do after this event I knew she was that one person in my life that I couldn’t live without and that I loved her very dearly. After this we became closer and l say her I love her every day. I try and live my everyday life filled with love and let everyone know how much they mean to me.