Ashley - Hamilton, Ohio
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in dresses. When I was in elementary school, my mom would dress me in cute little themed dresses. I wore dresses of bears, of picture day, of fruits, of the alphabet, and much more. I loved wearing the dresses, with my matching hair accessories and tights, but as I got into higher grades, wearing dresses fell out of the norm. Jeans became the thing to wear. I spent my later elementary years, all of middle school, and part of high school wearing jeans (sometimes a skirt or black dress pants) and tennis shoes. I felt okay about myself, but not as good as I knew I could feel.

As I started looking through more fashion magazines, I noticed the dress was making a comeback. Casual dresses were slowly popping up in my favorite stores. I thought about wearing the dresses for awhile. I bought a few before I even dared wear them to high school. When I was walking the halls my junior year, I saw something that made me decide to wear dresses to school. A girl was wearing a white sundress and heels. I glanced at her and looked at those around her to see if she was getting odd stares. She wasn’t. She didn’t look out of place, she looked confident. From then on, I wasn’t afraid to wear dresses anywhere. I even wore a dress my first day of college.

Before my friends and I go out, we always ask what one another are wearing so one doesn’t look out of place. When I tell my friends I’m wearing a dress, they’re usual response is “Oh really? I thought about wearing one, but I wasn’t sure. I think I’m going to wear it now.”

Dresses give me a certain feel of sophistication, a touch of class, and an air of confidence. When I wear a dress, I can dress it up with heels, or dress it down with flip flops. If I wear a dress on a day when I don’t feel like I’m looking so hot, I put on a dress and BAM! I feel instantly better about how I’m looking, even how I’m feeling. When I wear a dress, I almost have to act more proper in the way I walk and sit. I feel ladylike.