Freedom by Nature

Ashley - Colchester, Vermont
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: freedom, nature

Freedom by Nature

I believe in a connection with nature which brings freedom and inner strength to my life. For fifteen years I have spent the majority of my time on a mountain connecting with nature. Through experiences, I have stumbled upon a profound freedom, entering a safe haven with Mother Nature as my closest companion.

Each time I encounter Mother Nature, she and I start a new leg of our journey. I tune into the chirping coming from the 50 foot birches, making my way to the summit. My skis smack against the packed sugar grains as I unload from the frosty metal chair. I’m here. I have reached my icy oasis. I embark on a trail escaping towards freedom. I make my way down the slope, overlooking white caps of the White Mountains in northern New Hampshire. I continue forward, gazing out to an open white path laid out ahead.

My friendship with Mother Nature continues, the essence of my freedom. The howling wind passes by my ears as metal strips dig into the hard ice of the mountain. An exhilarating rush overwhelms my body. I continue down the 60 degree drop, becoming a slave to gravity. My fate is in the hands of Mother Nature. I wander through her creation, all alone, creating perfect arcs in the groomed corduroy behind me. This is my sanctuary.

The freedom I experience extends beyond the simplicity of the mountainous view I look out to. I connect with my inner self—not only the physical rush overcoming my body, but the thoughts racing through my mind. White flakes rapidly pass my sapphire-tinted view, while my heart and mind are overcome by freedom and all worries shed away. I am in touch with myself, realizing what is important in life: happiness.

With Mother Nature by my side I escape from the pressure surrounding me: powering through gate after gate, coaches criticism, and subpar runs. Here in my haven I break free. I find the peaceful sounds of nature.

Fifteen years after my first encounter with Mother Nature, I look out onto a new scene. I no longer view the White Mountains, but instead the Adirondacks. I reflect on the experiences I have shared with Mother Nature. I hope others find an exhilarating companionship with their natural surroundings as I have, for I believe that every person should experience a haven of freedom and inner strength through nature.