Step into Originality

Tony - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have always agreed that everyone should have the freedom to voice their own opinions and express their own thoughts to the world. Which I suppose help me develop my belief that dancing has the power to reveal an individual’s or a group’s originality, creativity, and themselves.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been attracted to watching dance performances and watching the dancers and choreographers displaying their skills after countless hours of hard work and practices. To see their results and to see them shine, makes me wish that I could achieve that moment for myself. You could say that I got hooked into dancing, which revealed a side of me that I never thought existed..

I believe dancing will continue to develop with finding new styles for the world to see and amaze over it. I consider dancing processes the ability to open the door for others to come in and become acquaintances.

Dancing has transformed the entertainment world, giving children and adults the hope to continue and achieving their dreams. It’s helping us create a community where people of all genders and ethnicity can come together and discover the importance of friendship, no matter who they are. It shows the world where all races can get along and secrete a way for people to escape reality and enter their own world.

Like my friend Phi puts it, “I feel lucky to discover a talent and something to do every day that I love so much”. And I agree with him. My life right now is to come home and complete my homework to get good grades to finish high school. Doing this routine everyday can get boring and stressful, but sometimes I just put away my work, turn on the music, and start dancing in my room. When I start to come up with some weird steps by listening to the music it becomes my remedy to escape my stress and a tool to make me calm again. After a while, I turn off the music, pull out my assignments, and start working again, but this time having more energy to complete it.

Eventually I found and joined a team of other dancers that share my view on dancing. I started out watching and following others and performing their routine that they created. Soon, I was able to create my own original moves and even perform them in public and in competitions. Trust me, I am the type that can not even speak in front of classes about presentations. But when I hit the stage, a different side of me comes out – I am more confident, stronger, and not that scared to show the audience my skills and hard work to give them a good show.

I believe that with dancing, the individual’s originality and creativity will lead them to discover something amazing in them that they never imagine they could do, as it did for me.