Deeper love

Chung - Camden, Tennessee
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Everybody was a baby when they were young. Do you know what did you do to your mom? Let’s see what did we do.

When we were one year old, she fed you and gave you a bath. And as a reward, you cried for a whole night. When we were three years old, she cooked the meal for you. But you just threw the dishes away. When we were four years old, she bought a crayon to you. But you printed all over the house. When we were five years old, she bought a beautiful clothes for you. And you wore it and played with your friend in pit. When you were seven years old, she bought a ball for you. But you broke the glass of the neighbors with the ball. When we were nine years old, she paid a lot of for you counseling piano. But you didn’t show up for class. When we were eleven years old, she took you and your friend go to the movies. But you let her sit on another side by herself. When we were thirteen years old, she reminded you to get a hair cut. But we said” you don’t know the fashionable hair style”. When we were fourteen years old, she paid for the one month summer camp. But you never called her back. When we were fifteen, she wanted to hug you after she got back from work. But you just turned around and shut the door. When we were seventeen years old, she is waiting for a important phone call. But you just talked with your friend with phone about whole night. When we were eighteen years old, you graduated from high school. She wanted to talk about your future. But you spent a night with your friend. When we were nineteen years old, she had to pay for your university tuition fees and sent you to school. But you told her to stay away from you. Because you don’t want to be a joke around student. When we were twenty, she said “where did you go”? And you answer her”I don’t want to be you .” when we were thirty, she gave you some suggestion for your kid. And you said “Mom. The society change.” When we were forty years old. She called you and said “ Today is my birthday.” and you said “ I am very busy right now.” When we were fifty years old, she was always sick. She wanted you to take care of her. But, you have to go for your children.

Unfortunately, one day she passed away. Suddenly, you thought you never done anything to her. It liked a hummer hitting on your heart.

So, it your mom still here. You got to pay more deeper love to her. But, it she left you, you have to remember. Mother love is the most selfless love in this world.