Father Figure

Victoria - Ocala, Florida
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

My mother left my family when I was just eight years old. I have a father who has raised a daughter and a son for the past ten years and he did it on his own. I believe single parents are not given enough credit for the amount of work they do. My father worked from sun up to sun down trying to support my brother and me through school. Even after a long day’s work he still found time to participate in my brother’s boy scouts and baseball and even my ballet and girl scouts. And I thought life was hard going through high school and having a job, but nothing compared to my father working all day long and still finding time to be the father figure to his children.

I never really gave much thought about how much my father has done for my brother and me. It was hard growing up seeing my friends with both of their parents and thinking how great it would be to have a mother. For a young girl going through stages without a mother figure was tough, but my father tried to be my mother figure and I’m glad he did. He may not have been the female adult figure I wanted but I wouldn’t settle for anything less because he always was, and still is, there for me. When I really think about it, I remember all the times my father was a chaperone for the school fieldtrips and even the time he took off to meet with my teachers on ‘Open House’ night when many of my friends parents could not.

He has always put his family first, even if it meant working longer hours; he was still there when we needed him most. I believe that single parents are a true inspiration to many families because of the hard work and dedication they put into their own family. And not just to families but to every hard working human being on this planet. Dedication and strength, calm and nurturing, that’s my father.