A Strangers Impact

Natalie - Colchester, Vermont
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the goodness of people and their willingness to give to others. I believe that any gesture of kindness can have a lasting impact. I help whenever I am able; I mentor children from low-income housing, I let people go in traffic, I smile at strangers. I have always enjoyed helping others, but it was not until December 9, 2006 that I truly learned what an impact people can have on the lives of complete strangers.

I was 16, had just gotten my license and had not yet experienced driving in a New England winter. It was 10 degrees that morning. I hit black ice on the highway which caused my car to roll over three times. A woman following me immediately pulled over. She saw that I was unconscious and suspended upside down. This woman, who did not know me, kicked out my rear windshield and pulled my limp body out of my mangled car. She sat with me on the side of the highway and tried to keep me warm as I went into shock. She stayed with me until the ambulance arrived and calmed me with her soothing low voice, saying over and over “You’re going to make it”. This woman even visited me in the hospital later that day.

Although I still have no recollection of my accident and probably never will, I will forever remember the comforting voice of the woman who most likely saved my life that frigid December day. This woman did not know me, she owed me nothing, yet she gave me everything she could. She solidified my belief in the goodness and willingness of people to give to others. No matter how large or small a person’s contribution, it always makes a difference. I believe in the goodness of people. I believe that it is human kindness like the one I witnessed on December 9, 2006 that makes the world truly a beautiful place.