Ego is horrible

Randy - Ocala, Florida
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Ego is a powerful motivator, and it can be horrible. My ego has cost me friendships,

I have left jobs because I felt they were beneath me, and I have ended relationships that were

healthy because she was not as attractive or as goal oriented as the next women.

About a year ago one of my best friends passed away due to a massive heart attack. This got

me to thinking about what kind of a friend I was to him. I concluded that I was at times not a very

good friend. I would let my ego get in the way of what a friend is supposed to be. I would often badger

him about getting areal job not a delivery driver job and I would constantly tell him to lose weight, and

go to college. See I often expressed my view points on how life should be especially after I joined

the military. I never recognized just how happy he was, I assumed that to be happy you needed to have

a good paying job and a college education, he had neither.

My ego has gotten in the way of other things as well. When dealing with women I often times do

not afford them the opportunity to get the know them based off of where they are in life. What I mean

to say is if I do not think they are working toward what I see as a worthy goal I wanted nothing

romantically to do with them. Even though they may say that they are working towards a goal I still

would leave and look or a more goal oriented women.

I have had many jobs, some were given to me by friends and others I worked to get myself.

I have left jobs although they did not pay the big bucks it was honest steady work and I left for a

job that was very scetchy that payed alot of money. Of course the high paying job went away after a

few months and I was left without a job at all.

What I am learning now is that a sound decision is one that is made not at the spur of the moment

where your ego may take you in the wrong direction but over time when you have a chance to weigh

all your options. Patience should over ride ego.