A Straight Path is always the Clearest

Jeremy - Gurnee, Illinois
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe life takes shape in odd ways. I sit here, seated at an odd location of this school. Wall against my back, I sit in an intersection between three hallways. To the left is the hallway from which I came from. To the right is the hallway where my brother took classes. Straight ahead is an oddly long hallway with double doors at the end. On top of those doors is a sign that reads “EXIT”. I pause a moment to notice the metaphors around me.

My life’s path depends on the way I think. If I were to walk back on that hallway from where I entered, then why did I bother coming to this location in the first place? So, I should stay here. I’ve come all the way here, and I must say I am pretty comfortable. What I really should be doing is homework, but I can’t motivate myself to do it. I’m taking all the general classes I need for my degree right now, but everything is just so tedious. I could take the classes my brother took and follow his road, but that road is not a road I want to follow. I want to take my own road in life, but just what lies beyond that EXIT door? Am I ready to find out?

I close my laptop, hop out of my seat, and swiftly walk across the hallway. As I reach the double doors, I stare at them for a bit. I reach for the handle and turn it slowly. The door creaks as I give a slight push. A feeling of ease flows through my body as I step into the other side.

Life offers many paths ahead. The seat that I sat at is the place I find where I can do my homework the best. It’s the place where life has led me so far. I want to take charge of my life. Even when the path ahead of me is unfamiliar, it’s a path I know I won’t regret taking.

I won’t talk about what was beyond that door. Once there, I knew what I should do with my own life as to physically taking charge in this metaphor of one. I have to keep pushing through, even though what I am doing now might not make sense. As long as I set my mind on what I want to be and where, the path there will seem straight ahead.