Selective Truth

Brad - Glencoe, Illinois
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in selective truth. In my day, I have lied many, many times. I can honestly say that I regret every single lie that I have made. When I tell a lie, I always feel horrible afterwards. The biggest set of lies that I regret are the ones toward my mother. If I had never lied to her, I wouldn’t have a bad feeling in my head all of the time. I wouldn’t have to feel bad about myself, and I’m sure my mom would be a lot happier.

Even though I believe in telling the truth, I still lie a lot. I’m satisfied with the belief that telling the truth is good. Things in my life would probably be a lot different if I had never lied to anyone. I wouldn’t have the bad feeling in my mind all the time after I lie. It would be very nice to be able to have a clean mind, but my belief of selective truth has made me lie at times when I need to.

The times that I actually act in accord with this belief, feels great. Having a clean mind and nothing to worry about while I wait with who I am talking to, to figure out if I lied or not is such a great feeling. I try not to lie as often as I can, but in my life, there have been lots of situations where lying has gotten me farther than telling the truth did. I’m not saying that lying is good, but sometimes it is the only way to go.

There are some situations where telling the truth is the only good thing to do. For instance, getting pulled over by the cops. If I were to lie to the cop and he found out that I lied, I’m in for something bad. Telling the truth can lead to me leaving the situation with no ticket and no jail time. That is where selective truth can come into play. Like this one time when my friend and I got pulled over and the cop said he smelled marijuana in the car, but I told the truth that I had only smoked cigarettes. After a few minutes, the cop must have come to the realization that it was only cigarettes, so he let us go.

Overall, I believe in telling the truth even though I lie just as often as I tell the truth. It seems to get me through a lot of tough situations, although in the end, telling the truth makes me feel a lot better.