The Music Anti-depressant

shencey - gulfport, Mississippi
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In life there are many different things that help people in their time of need. Music can often be exactly what the doctor orders. Music puts me in a good mood no matter how upset about a situation I am. The right song can make a person get up and dance around like a fool. Sometimes this foolishness is exactly what a person needed to make themselves feel better. When I am sad I like to listen to music. I learned about the music anti-depressant from my mother. My mom was never a professional dancer but she could have been. She choose to have a family instead of following her dreams. When I was younger, I used to watch my mom dance around the house all the time. She would turn on the radio and try to teach me, my brother, and my sister how to do the electric slide. My mom being a single mother often had trouble finding stuff the we could do as a family. We never had much money to go out and do stuff. She had to be very creative entertaining three rowdy kids. So she turned our living room into a dance floor. We would push the couches out of the way and roll up the floor rug and dance on the hard wood floors. When I would come home from school upset over a certain boy or when me and my best friend would have a fight she would immediately turn on the radio. Many times we would sit on the couch and she would rub my feet and we would listen to a soft rock CD for hours. Or when we cleaned she would make us listen to radio, and the job would get done faster. Today, when I am sad I get in my car and turn the radio up loud and just drive. Music may not be able to cure every problem I have, but it clears my head so I can think logically about what is making me upset. I believe music is my anti-depressant.