My Faith

Riley - Magnolia, Texas
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Faith. Such a powerful word. Wars have been started over this one simple syllable. Entire countries and nations have risen and fallen over this controversial topic. Some people deny its existence; others embrace it as a way of life. I chose the latter. I chose to live for my faith.

I am a Freshman in high school. I consider myself an average, normal kid who is worried about grades, and whether or not girls like me. But I also acknowledge the fact that I am different somehow. I have something that a lot of kids my age don’t: a profound interest in my faith.

I was baptized a Catholic, and I have lived my entire young life under the teachings of the Church. I go to Mass on Sundays, and I go to a Catholic School. I have been raised by good, Catholic parents who have taught me all that I know about right and wrong. They were the ones who first introduced me to what a life of faith was like. They were the ones who used to drag me, kicking and screaming, off to Sunday school. I realize now how important they have been, and will be as I grow even more in this faith that I have come to know. They were and still are crucial to every decision that I make, and I am thankful for everything that they have done for me.

I believe in the healing power of Faith. I have personally seen its power in my life, and in the lives of those around me. I have seen it heal divisions in my family, and between my friends, and more importantly, I have seen it heal wounds in my own life. Without the faith that I have, I don’t think that I would even be here today.

Looking back on my life, I don’t know how I managed with what little knowledge I had. I was ignorant, and selfish. I was lost in a sea of doubt, pain, and self pity. I was a blind man, wandering, lost in a desert. More than once, I felt my will to live ebbing. It was never extinguished, however. Something kept me remotely interested in life. Call it whatever you want, Survival Instinct, Curiosity. I think that God was keeping me alive for a reason. I realize now what that reason is: I was left alive so I could spread the word of the One who saved me. Here I am now, a short couple of years later, typing this paper for my teacher at my Catholic High School. I have made up my mind to become a priest to share the wonder of my faith, quite a change from the person I used to be. Now, whenever life throws me curve balls, I just sit back, send up a prayer, and keep on rolling. I live for my faith.