Hinderance: The Push to do More

Johnathan - Morehead, Kentucky
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In life, there are three kinds of people. You have the ‘Know They Can’s that won’t let go of their dreams and ever pursue a means of achieving their goals. Then you have the ‘Think They Can’s that will go so far then will decide that it will be as far as they will be able to go and they settle for what they have. Then you have the ‘Give Up’s that have no motivation to try to make anything more of their lives.

I have come from a situation where, if I would have given up, I would not be where I am today; I was in a severe car wreck. I suffered a brain injury and I began having seizures, so many people expected me to die

One month later, after being moved to a rehabilitation hospital and changing my medications, I said a few words one the day. That night was the most important though, as my family was saying good night, my sister hugged me and told me goodnight.

I responded, “Night sis.” Everyone was stunned, not only that I spoke again but that I remembered my family, something they were told would not happen.

The next day, I woke up partially aware, and my family came in later that day and they told me the story.

They told me that I would not be able to walk for 2-3 months. That day, my father went outside to make a phone call. I got impatient and decided he was gone too long and got up and began walking toward the door. As I was passing the nurse’s station, I fell. They realized that I was not supposed to be out of my bed and put me back. The nurses and my family were amazed; the nurses said that if I hadn’t fallen, then I may have gotten out of the hospital.

I was out of the rehabilitation hospital, walking and talking, in one month. After my wreck, I was back to what I felt to be a “working condition” in the matter of two months. Even with so many people telling me how long it would take and how impossible it would be, I was up, walking, talking, breathing, and living on my own.

After my wreck, I had the option as to whether I wanted to go back to school immediately or not. My mother, who is a school teacher, didn’t like the idea, but she left it up to me. I decided that I could not let my physical or mental injuries get in the way of my education. I chose to finish my senior year.

I’m now in college. I’ve been told by numerous people on numerous occasions that I could not do something, on each and every instance, I have simply worked harder. Each year in college, life gets better and better, so…

All in all, my main goal though life… is life itself.