Annalisa - Folsom, California
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in laughter. I believe in the squeal, the chuckle, and the snort. The sound when someone laughs never fails to make me smile. Seeing another laugh, even if it is a stranger, brings a sense of happiness to me. There is no laugh that produces sadness, anger, or fury. There are some with annoyance, but a laugh is a laugh; it helps me enjoy life.

When I think about the times when I have been the happiest, I have been laughing. Something I look for when making friends that they have a great sense of humor; one I can relate with. It has always been an important attribute that I enjoy in my friends. If I can’t laugh with my friends, there isn’t much I can do. Some of the greatest memories with my best friend Chelsi have been sitting in my car making videos, being dorks, and ultimately just laughing with each other. It is so simple, the activity of laughing, but it lightens your mood and opens your heart.

I have found that bonding with someone is easier when it is done through laughter. One summer I went on a road trip with my dad. It was a 12-hour drive to Utah. I thought the trip was going to turn out dull and boring, but once we found out how to laugh together, the drive didn’t feel so long anymore. It brought us closer together, and now our relationship is built upon laughter and love.

Making other people laugh is probably one of my favorite things to do. To see someone else smile, or enjoy him or herself because of something I said is priceless. It doesn’t have to be a joke that makes someone laugh, it’s usually something embarrassing I do they make a joke out of. I’m not afraid to laugh at myself, because once I can do that, I am no longer inferior. Growing up I was always klutzy: tripping over my shoe, running into tables, you name it. It took me a while not to get offended when someone laughed when I would run into something. I decided I would try to laugh at myself when I was clumsy instead of getting angry and agitated. Through time, I was able to laugh with people at myself, and through that I became stronger and more comfortable with myself.

I need time to laugh and enjoy the funny things in life. There are times each day for me to laugh. It can be at someone else being funny, a joke, or just a comical thought. If I don’t take the time to let go and laugh, my life can become monotonous and dull. I am able to settle problems in my life better when I can first laugh at them. I’m happy to be able to laugh as much as I do, because it truly brings energy to my life.