Everything Happens for a Reason

josue - San Elizario, Texas
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I’ve used to always wonder why bad things would happen to me all the time. Ever since I was a kid, I would always get sick; I would fall all the time, blood everywhere. I never stopped to think why bad this things would happen to me; but finally figured out that everything happens for a reason. That’s what I believe.

I was in middle school, every day when I got home from school, I wouldn’t even go inside my house, I would go straight to get my bike and go ride it on the street. Did I mention that my mom would prohibit me from doing that? The reason I never really worried about it was because my mom used to work and she wouldn’t get home till later in the evening. I had a blast every day, I would look forward for school to end and ride my bike when I got home. At first I would tell my friends that I couldn’t go outside my house with my bike because my mom didn’t like for me to be in the street. She was always afraid of me falling. As a middle school student though, I listened to my friends just as any other kid my age would. It happened so often that I fell from my bicycle. I had cuts everywhere and I didn’t want for my mom to see me, because I already knew I was going to get yelled at, and I was going to get hit. Little by little I learned to listen to my mom because bad things happen when you don’t.

That was only one of the many times I would not listen to my mom. I knew something bad would happen when I didn’t listen to her; but nothing big had happened to me, so it didn’t worry me much. One day I got home from school; farely early because I had a game that same evening and it was pretty long way to get to where I was going to play. So I got home, and I was in a hurry since it wasn’t my mom who was going to take me, it was my friends mom and I didn’t want to be late. Right when I came in the house my mom asked me if I had eaten something and I said “no”, she told me to eat something because I hadnt eaten anything all day and I had a game later that day. I was very much in hurry that I got mad right away and I yelled at my mom, and told her “ no mom! You have to take me to my friend’s house now, because I have a game at 5:30 and I don’t want to be late!” My mom got really mad and she yelled at me, but I don’t really remember what she told me. So I got to the game, started warming up. I had forgotten about the whole fight that I had with my mom earlier. I sure remembered me, yelling at her for no reason when I dislocated my right shoulder while playing. I didn’t even enjoy much of the game because it happened so fast; it happened between the first minute of the game. I was in shock and scared because I didn’t really know what had happened at first. Worse yet, their was no trainer around the school so I was still wondering around the school with my coach searching for a trainer, or simply someone who knew how to pop my shoulder back in. No luck, I had to be taken to the hospital where I figured it would be fast because I was taken to the Emergency Room. No luck their either, it seemed like I waited longer in there.

I reflected back to when I talked back to my mom; and she even remembered me when she got to the hospital. I was disappointed in myself for doing that, and I apologized to my mom. After that day it all happened, I haven’t talked back to her at all. I obey her at all times and things like the ones mentioned havent happened since. Word of advice, respect everyone, especially your mom.