Sibling Rivalry

Janae - Richmond, Indiana
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

I believe in the sibling bond. I never knew what being an older sister really meant. I always just assumed that my little brother would adore me and want to be just like me, but I sure was wrong. My brother is two and half years younger than me and my complete opposite. Even as babies we were polar opposites. Brenton, B for short, was chubby, quiet, and clingy. Also he would sleep all night and never wake up. He was kind of the ideal baby. I on the other hand, was super hyper, loved to go visit other family, and had my days and night mixed up. I was definitely not ideal.

Then as we got older, I became more ideal and Brenton became more of a problem child. Growing up, I was always very outgoing and loved to try new things. I played almost every sport and was always on Honor Roll. B, surprisingly, really loved music and I’m completely tone deaf. In middle school, he began getting in trouble with teachers and not caring about grades. Brenton was never the real outgoing type and did not like attention like me. These things alone were not the main source of all our bickering. A lot of the fighting came from him having to follow in my shadow. Everyone was expecting him to be just like me. Due to these expectations, B began to resent me and not want anything to do with me. One day in the 12th grade some boy tried to fight my brother and no matter how much I couldn’t stand B, I was not going to let someone hurt him. I ended up dealing with that boy and fixing the problem, but Brenton got mad at me! He was mad because I made him look bad or weak or whatever is boys feel. I just felt like a complete failure as an older sister. I just wanted Brenton to like me and want to be like me. I mean we talk different, dress different, eat different, just everything is different.

Going to college sounded like the best solution to all our problems because we obviously could not stand each other. My first few weeks of college were going great and me and B would talk every once and awhile. Then when I would come home he wanted to hang out with me and spend time together. I was in complete shock. Out of nowhere one night my brother told me he loved me. I knew right then and there that things were finally going to change. By me leaving for college we both realized how much we missed each other. I finally realized that I had taken him for granted and no matter how strange, different, and odd he was I would do anything to make him happy. This is why I believe that a sibling bond is the greatest connection in the entire world.