I Believe in Band

Chris - El Paso, Texas
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in band. Many people have their own views on people in band, Such as them being nerds and geeks or whatever. But not me, I believe in band as something that is cool, something that everyone should be in. No matter how cool or uncool it may seem. And its not that you are in band, it’s what you are able to do once you are in band. And my story will tell you why exactly it is that I believe in band.

I first started to believe in band in the 6th grade. Even the summer before 6th grade in summer band where I got to hold my first instrument of choice. Percussion. Of course through a series of events of which I do not fully understand, I no longer do percussion but play the trombone. I did not see the true importance of my being in band until my freshman year of high school. This is where I found out that “real” band started. Now when I say real band I mean of course marching band. What a change that was. To be honest with you I was a little scared of it, not being used to it. And it being something far greater then my small thirty or person middle school band. Plus I had never done or even considered marching. I wanted to play in band but I was a little nervous about having to march. But I quickly got over that fear and was learning the basics in no time. And starting high school was really tough on my social life.

The change from middle to high school meant that I didn’t have any friends, or very few of them. But that quickly changed once I started the Franklin High school marching band. The thing about band is that it is like a giant family that can be dysfunctional at times, but is still a family. This is where I met probably 99 percent of the friends that I have to this day. Band is where I met my best friend Josh. Band is also where I met my first girlfriend and where all my crushes have been. Band has played a very important role in my social life and any other aspect of my life. I really do enjoy band, and although I have been made fun of for it, I stick by the fact that I really do love band.

I also believe in band as a way to express yourself. No matter what instrument I play, be it the trombone or the bass, music is a great way to express how you feel. It is very hard to how I do it, but if I just let my emotions write songs then I can write just about anything. I also express emotions or feelings through the songs that I play. No matter what piece of music it is I just let the natural feeling of the song come out of my instrument. That is how I am able to put my soul into anything I play by expressing emotions and feelings thorough pieces of music.

Being in band has allowed me to do many great things. From making lifetime friends, to learning a new skill that I enjoy and can use in my life. Although my friends will always ridicule me for it I will never deny the fact that I am band geek and will always enjoy playing in a band. Hopefully I will continue to use and enjoy my skill that I have learned from being in band the rest of my life.