There’s No Place Like Home

Kimberly - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have learned that when you have been living away from home and you go back you appreciate it a lot more. This July I left my home in Switzerland the first time for a long period of time, to go to Boarding school in America. At the beginning of my stay there it seemed to me like a summer camp. We all lived together in the dorms, our rooms were not very personal and it was hot outside. Everything was exactly like my camps before. But then I started to realize that I am going to stay there longer than 2 weeks like my usual summer camps. And I started to miss certain comforts from home. The comforts I missed the most were the cold weather (snow and rain), my friends and family, the home cooked food, the shower and my own big bed.

This November I returned to Switzerland over the Thanksgiving break. When I arrived at the airport after a flight that had been delayed for 4 hours, I saw big snowflakes falling from the sky. It was refreshing. I enjoyed the snow and the cold weather again. At the airport there were my parents with my closest friends from school waiting for me. I could not believe that my best friends were still waiting there after four hours with smiles on their faces. In her hand my mom was holding a “Rivella” bottle–my favorite drink—and something you can only buy in Switzerland. When I opened the “Rivella” and had the first sip, it reminded me of my old times in my old school sitting outside on the stairs during our 20 minute break, and people watching with my friends.

When I arrived home I realized that our house still smelled the same and I could immediately feel the floor heating warming my feet. Our small white dog was already waiting at the entrance with a wagging tail jumping up and down from excitement to see me again. I felt immediately home again and recognized the things which I have never really had noticed before. My dad started cooking. I heard the pans and trowels clanging when he stirred the food, after a little while I also smelled the good seasoning from the food and felt hungry right away. He cooked my favorite meal: mashed potatoes with some kind of meat. It tasted better than ever before.

After I ate I took a shower. At Baylor it usually took about 5-10 minutes to get warm water. Before I went to Baylor I never thought about that, for me it was normal that I had warm water immediately. Now it has become a luxury for me to have that and I realized that not everywhere you have good water pressure and warm so fast. I enjoyed it. In the evening I went to my room. I kind of mist it to have a roommate because I was alone and could not talk to anybody. I was lying in my bed and fell asleep immediately because my bed was twice as big as the bed at Baylor and it was my usual room.

In conclusion, I started to appreciate things at home more because I saw that you don’t have them everywhere. I also realized that it is a luxury to have an own big room with a big bed, floor heating and parents who cook every day fresh. I also used the time with my friends different than before I enjoyed it. It is nice to go home again and see what you have at home.