I believe in Man Power

Shane - Chattanooga, Tennessee Taiwan
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe, Man has Power. This is what me and my friends figured out during our junior high school years. We have spent a lot of time doing experiments with this male power by racing and talking with girls.

After the experiment, we defined Man Power as a kind of power that only men can use. The repository of Man Power is “desire”. Actually, you can’t even imagine how strong the power of “desire” is. It makes men do things that they don’t even know they can do. All in all, manpower is a kind of thing that can change a man.

Even though women are not able to use Man Power, they are important in creating the desire that gives the manpower. We wanted to find out how. Our first hypothesis was “there would be no such a thing called Man Power without women.” For the experiment, we used a boy who liked a girl in other class secretly; however, he wasn’t able to tell the girl about his feelings. One day, as he was walking through the hallway, he saw the girl. The girl stepped on to a piece of soap, and she was about to fall. The boy held her and pulled her up; however, he was about five meters away from her when he saw the girl. We had no idea how he could save her this fast. Therefore, we have to say, “This is Man Power!” His feelings for the girl awakened the power.

In nature, males fight for females, but I don’ think there’s any female who fights for males. How could this be? We have already established that women are not able to use Man Power. So, there’s another hypothesis “Males start producing Man Power automatically when they desire women”, However, the word “desire” inspired us. Maybe “desire” is the true resource of Man Power. For the experiment, we found a boy in our class who loves eating so much. We told him”If you can finish running the whole school in five minutes, then you win a meal from each of us.” His eyes were shining when he heard this, and he made it. He did finish the lap in five minutes. We made the final definition of Man Power after this experiment, the experiment cost a lot, though. “Man Power is a kind of power forms when men desire something.”

Man Power can be very powerful and useful if they are used properly, but it can also cause damage if men are out of control. Therefore, I believe that Man Power can change this world, and also, I believe, we all need Man Power!