Unconditional Love

Kassandra - Taylorsville, Utah
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children, love

I believe children have an unconditional love for all things. I believe there’s a spirit in a child that everyone should have. This spirit doesn’t care about how much money a person has, the brand of clothes someone is wearing, or a person’s physical appearance. Children don’t care about the complicated areas or any confusion. In there eyes everything is either black or white. I believe no matter how much you tease a child or yell at a child they get over it and unlike a lot of adults they move on and they don’t hold grudges.

I know this sounds funny coming from a sixteen year old but I believe that anyone that lives with a small child can relate to my belief. I know an older brother or sister can relate to when they picked on their younger sibling and even though the young child was mad after awhile the act was pretty much forgotten and like many people I can relate to being the younger child getting picked on and even knowing how mad I was at the time I could never stay mad at anyone for that long.

Almost everyday I experience an unconditional love from my two-year-old niece. Being like an older sibling to her I love to tease her. I think the reason I love to tease her is knowing that she won’t be mad for more than a minute and I know as long as I can make her smile that she forgives me.

One day I kept repeating to tease my niece in a store and my mother kept repeating for me to stop. Finally after whining and repeatedly telling my mom she’s being mean to me my niece came up to me and said stop don’t be mean to me it’s not nice and you love me. After she said this I told her I was sorry and she said it’s ok I still love you and walked off. After realizing that I had been put in my place by a two-year-old I realized that she loved no matter what I did.

I believe if we all had the spirits of a child that the world would be more peaceful and everybody would get a long better. The best thing about a child is that they care about what’s on the inside. As long as your nice to them and play with them you can be their best friend and that all that matters to them.