I believe that cheerleading mends the broken heart

KayLene - Woods Cross, Utah
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I’m a sophomore varsity cheerleader on an all girls’ squad at my school. When I first tried out at the end of my freshman year, I was in an eight-month relationship with my boyfriend. He was very supportive with me trying out and didn’t let any of my friends get to my head. Everyone at my school doesn’t like cheerleaders and I don’t know exactly why.

After I had made it on the squad, I had a lot of after school practices and not time to spend with him. By the middle of the summer, he broke up with me because we had no time to hang out. I was heart broken when we broke up. I couldn’t think straight; I wasn’t doing very well in cheer and I was falling behind in cheers. Then, my friend in cheer told me to leave all thoughts and worries at the door when I came to cheer and I could pick them up on the way out. I started to do this, just concentrating on holding the extension liberty and making all of my moves sharp.

By the time the summer ended and school started, I had moved on from him and my heart was healed. Not only did I block out him, but all other worries and thoughts I had. All the friends I made in cheer stood at my side through all of this and cared for me as if I were their sister. I care a lot about cheerleading and I think that’s what helped me get over him. Now, half-way through the school year, I’m focused on cheer, doing everything amazing and even when I see him at football games or now and then in the hall, my heart doesn’t fall to my stomach or flutter with butterflies, it just acts as if he’s a normal person to me.

He didn’t heal my heart, cheerleading did and nothing is going to stop it.