We Find True Happiness When We Lend a Hand

Tenzin - Blaine, Minnesota
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

If someone were to ask me eight years ago what I believed in, I would probably gaze into that individual’s face with a blank stare as if I had seen a ghost. When you look into my eyes you’d probably think of someone who has never struggled in life. Nobody would think I was born in the so called slums of India where struggle and trying to survive is on a whole different scale. Growing up in India is hard enough, but breathing the infamous red dirt of India is like trying to breath in a sandstorm. When I went back to India in 2001, I hoped that the slums of India had vanished. Stepping outside of the airport I felt the air burn my lungs as if I was breathing carbon monoxide, I quickly realized that my hope was just a dream. Through the window of the yellow and black taxi I saw people from left to right on the street with barely any clothing on and houses that were the size of my room! Kid’s young as five were begging in the middle of the street! That exact moment changed my life. Seeing people who were far less fortunate than me made me realize that every human being should strive to become a philanthropist and help those in need.

I still remember when one of my friends gave up his seat to an elder person who was trying to find a seat in the crowded bus. I was shocked as to why he gave up his seat, since usually I would be the first one to offer my seat. I asked him a sarcastic tone as to why he gave up his seat? He said “I don’t know does it matter? At least that person got a seat.” It hit me that sometimes when we do something for others we don’t think of the impact at that moment because our emotions and kindness took over. All we think about it is how to change the situation for the better and achieving it in a positive way. Though it is not through an act of selfishness that we help others but rather for us humans to grow as a person and form our identity we must help others first.

Life is a precious entity that many humans don’t realize the true value of it until it’s too late. We try to find our identity in life to decipher what our purpose on earth is. We are left with the greatest mystery in the world, when we say, will my existence mean anything? Life is a long road so we must try to do as much good as we can and leave this world with a positive impact on others. I have found my identity through acts of compassion toward others and I hope I can be a positive influence to every person I come across.