Let Your Voice Be Heard

Samantha - 33324, Florida
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Let Your Voice Be Heard

I still clearly remember being a timid little girl who wasn’t sure how to stand up for herself. I had very few opportunities to express myself in an assertive manner. Although I am no longer that withdrawn girl that I once was, it took an important experience in my life for me to realize to always let my voice be heard. It all started in the fourth grade, when several classmates of mine started teasing me while I was sitting alone at the lunch table. Too scared to say anything, I just let them continue harassing me. Day after day, I stood there in silence while taking their abuse. Having all of these emotions built up inside of me, I would come home almost every day crying to my mother. She would constantly tell me if I wanted them to stop bothering me, I would have to let my voice be heard.

I remember asking her why she couldn’t stick up for me, and she told me, “it’s up to you to tell them how you feel.” She also said, “there comes a point in your life where I will no longer be able to speak up for you.” Furthermore she said, “it’s your choice, if you do not like how you are being treated then be assertive.” It was at that point I realized I needed to make a change and made up my mind that the very next day I would let my voice be heard.

Once again they started to tease me, but this time I finally had the courage to speak up for myself. I told the girls who had been harassing me that I wasn’t going to take their bullying anymore and if they ever tried to repeat this behavior again I would go directly to the teacher. Surprisingly, throughout the year they never bothered me again. After finally standing up for myself, I felt a sense of accomplishment and learned to never let people pick on me again.

Now I just recently graduated from high school, and am off to college starting a new chapter in my life. This experience has helped me grow and has taught me to say how I really feel even if I am too afraid to say it. I know in my life I will constantly come across people who will try to bring me down like those girls, but I have learned to never hesitate saying anything I believe should be heard.