I Believe in Destiny

David - Gulfport, Mississippi
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Destiny

I believe in destiny. I’m not a religious person, I don’t think we’re all doomed, and I don’t think our fate is so definite that any action on our part is wasted. I just believe that all things happen for a reason, regardless of how we live our lives.

High school was a great experience for me, but I was definitely ready for change when graduation finally came around. Headed for a technical college two thousand miles away from my hometown, I was anxious to move out on my own and try something new. Within days of picking my future college, my mother’s fiancé, a Major in the Air Force, found out his next assignment would be the closest city to my future home.

When I first found out, I had no response. I expected to move far from my childhood home free from parental supervision. Amazingly my mother and soon to be stepfather would be living in the neighboring town. After I started school, I found the unfamiliarity was often too great for me to handle. Often I found myself eagerly awaiting the weekends when I could travel to my parents’ house and relieve the feeling of homesickness I constantly felt. I believe I would not have made it though school if my parents had not been lived so close.

A few years later, I found myself finished with school and looking for my next step. Even though I was anxious to return to Massachusetts, a job opportunity in southern California became available; possibly the last place I would expect to look for work. As much as I wished to return home, the job in California was too irresistible and I found myself giving in, packing my bags and heading for The Golden State. Amazingly enough my stepfather was being transferred to a transferred to a town in California only one hundred miles away from my new home. At first I was stunned, but I have since found out that having my family nearby is what keeps me stable.

A few years later I found myself living in New Jersey. After almost two years in jobs that should have led to future opportunities sooner, I was ready to leave. In the meantime, my parents, sister and brother-in-law relocated to Biloxi. During a visit one year, I was surprised to find how much I missed being around my family and how much I liked the area. Even though I would be required to give up my job, it seemed like the Gulf Coast would be the perfect next place for me relocate. Within 2 months of returning to work, my department was eliminated and I was given 3 options: be demoted, transfer to a “dead end” job in another department, or leave the company.

Mississippi now feels like home and I truly believe this is where I am supposed to be at this point in my life. During my time here I have been able to experience many new things and return to school to work on my bachelor‘s degree. While my salary is only half of what it used to be, I’ve found it is better to be a broke student than letting your career stall. After all I have been through in the past, I feel destiny has guided me to Mississippi and I look forward to the lessons I will learn in the future.