They Key to Happiness: The Ability to control ones own Mood

Lexi - Lincoln, Nebraska
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Happiness – The quality or state of being happy. Good fortune; pleasure or contentment. Who wouldn’t want this?

When I first arrived at Union College, I was miserable at best. I was really disappointed after I arrived because I was so excited to come and get away from home. All summer I looked forward to the day of my first classes. After my first day I called my parents and demanded the come collect me and bring me straight home. Not only was I homesick, but I was not even close to fond of Lincoln as a city. Everyday I would tell myself I hated it here and wanted to go home. I was in the worst possible mood I could be in, almost everyday. Then my brilliant mother enlightened me; She said that if I kept telling myself I was miserable that I would continue to be miserable. I completely disagreed. A week past and I still wanted to come home. I was simply not happy. So I continued to mope around campus until one day I realized if I try to even grin and bear it, it would be better than nothing; so I did. Up until September I hated it. But as I began to tell myself it wasn’t so bad, it became not so bad. I’m almost close to being happy here.

The key to being happy is held in the eye of the beholder. The ability to control ones own mood and attitude is something everybody has. It’s just that not everybody knows how to control it. Being a happy person is something that everyone wants. People want to enjoy life and learn how to get through hard times. I believe that everyone has the power to control their mood no matter how bad a day they’ve gone through. Now I’m not saying that one will always be blissful, I’m just saying that if one really wants to be in a pleasant mood, they will be. If one is thinking positive thoughts, wanting to be happy, honestly believing in it, and not being afraid they will make good. And in doing so they will gain a new confidence in their ability to live a content life.

The first factor in controlling one’s mood is having a positive attitude and simply thinking happy thoughts. I understand that may sound somewhat juvenile, but it does work. Think about that, children are juvenile, but children are the happiest of all humans. Who doesn’t want to be happy? There are those few select people who love to dwell on their unhappiness and the negative side of things, but the majority of people strive to enjoy themselves, the ones around them and their lives.

If one really believes in something it creates so much more hope then it previously did. The power of believing is a powerful one, it is something one should never underestimate. If one believes there is reason to be happy and enjoy themselves, the chances of them being more positive is much higher. I’m not suggesting that if someone was to think about something and wanting something that it would simply appear. No, that is just preposterous. But trying and believing go hand in hand. If you really try at something and believe you can do it, then almost anything is accomplishable. Believing in happiness is an issue that a lot of people have trouble with. I believe that a large percent of the people who claim they’re unhappy just tell themselves that and don’t try to do anything about it. If they really try, believe in themselves and it’s something they really want, it will happen.

The third and element to accomplishing a happy aura is appreciation. Taking the time out of ones day to appreciate things is a big deal. There are hundreds of things in all of our days that if weren’t done would greatly effect us. Think of all the small favors done, the little compliments made, the people who are there for us. It all effects our day in a big way. If none of those things were done everyone would be even more unhappy then they originally claim to be. The appreciation of especially people is underdone. People can effect you greatly, especially one’s mood. Not only does being appreciated by people effect one’s attitude towards life, but when one appreciates other, its also makes them happier.

After my first month or so at Union, I really have learned to like it. I’ve made myself become happy because I believed I could. I tried and continued to think positive after I got that advice from my mom and it really worked. I’ve learned to appreciate the fact that I can go to this great school and that my parents paid for my college and gave me the opportunity to go to an Adventist school. I know I didn’t like it in the beginning, but that’s because I continued to tell myself I was miserable, and this wasn’t the place for me. But turns out it was. I had a brave attitude and told myself I wasn’t afraid of this place. I am a happy person. I’ve used these elements to live a happy life, I still have my bad days but in the long run I’m glad I look on the bright side of things.

In the end, happiness is all everyone wants, it is the basic need for the human soul. Not everybody is happy all the time, everyone has trouble being happy from time to time. And sometimes being unhappy teaches us things, so it’s not all bad; But the main point of life is to enjoy oneself and live their lives to the fullest. One cannot live their life and unhappy one. If one is thinking positive thoughts, wanting to be happy and honestly believing in it, they will make good. And in doing so they will gain a new confidence in their ability to live a content life. Controlling ones mood is something that everyone can have the ability to do. The fact is that not everyone is up to the challenge. But they should be, because it’s really not that hard. And it’s most definitely worth it. The outcome is an indescribable one. The power of happiness is unlimited, it can change ones life. People have the ability, they should use it, it will improve the quality of their lives.