Personalities, A thing of the past!

John - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on December 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people are shallow when it comes to meeting other people. As a new kid in a school or a new worker at a job, people will judge you first thing by how you look. Is your hair nice? Are you clean? Do you dress how they approve? Do you have any noticeable piercing? If you fail this test, some people may never talk to you. This may ruin a great friendship waiting to happen. I have many friends who I personally don’t like their look, but they always make me laugh or feel good! What would happen if I never had ended up talking to them? Would I still be the same person?

People also think other people look hot or are popular, and become friends with them because of that. This would be easy to do, but tough to deal with. If you have nothing in common, how could you get along with the person? A while ago my brother hung out with one of his friends and I tagged along because he was my ride home that day. I though she was pretty, so I thought I would try to get to know her. This wasn’t a smart idea because I had only liked one of my brother’s friends in the past. I tried getting along with her, but in time I found out that she was just a jerk. I got to know somebody else, which ended up with me being myself and not pretending to be somebody I didn’t want to be.

Many people tend to be shallow from middle school throughout college. People are very specific when it comes to a person’s body, such as the size and shape of their nose, the location and color of their eyes, and their torso all together. Although people may not just be shallow with the look of people, but with how rich they are. For example, do you really think that Hugh Hefner got to sit down and talk with all of his female buddies, and knows all of their personalities? Do you think his female friends all like him because he is a good friend to them? My opinion is that he uses them for their bodies and they like him because he’s a rich guy! This is the exact stereotype I am talking about! If this is what friendship and love was based on, anybody could be happy with money. You’d be working minimum wage at six friends per hour. Money could be used to help people, but it shouldn’t be a reason to like somebody. Money, in my book, is what makes most people shallow. Money can be traded for items which fit people’s wants, which ends a persons suffering in the time they didn’t have the item. Thus making a rich person more wanted. Even if they don’t know a person, they like them. America is becoming more shallower, and nobody cares, nor even realizes it.