This I Believe

Christopher Zeuthen - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the simplest object; I believe in the circle. It is a symbol of endlessness, embodying everything a person can be. Its perfection and simplicity speak to who we are as human beings. It enlightens my mind to the fact that the beginning is the same as the end. Any point is the alpha, and the omega. Circles form the essence of life, everlasting, surmounting even death. Life becomes a cycle, the universe in harmony with itself.

When I was in sixth grade, a figure entered my life, one that I will never forget. My teacher was filled with an abundance of not only knowledge, but wisdom. Her curriculum surpassed not only American History, but the bounds of my soul. She meandered down the circular road, bending to its eternal path. Her ability to balance every aspect of her life demonstrated the true potential to shine. She became a lighthouse to me, guiding me not only when I was lost in the material, but lost in my heart. My teacher’s radiance and tranquil nature became awe-inspiring. She showed me to live as a circle, balanced, strong, moderate, in harmony with the world.

Coming into a new school the year before, fresh meat for the grinder, I spun into a spiral where it seemed there would be no smiles, no happy ends, a world alone. Yet when this teacher wandered into my life, the clouds dissipated, and the serenity of the sunlight waltzed into me, permeating my deepest being. My spiral’s line finally crossed itself, forming a circle. She grew beyond a teacher. In my eyes, she was a friend.

First, I discovered the importance of magnanimity and equality. She exemplified the circle, pushing me to realize that it is equally strong on all sides, not one section gaining over the other. In her classroom, we refrained from being individuals, becoming part of the circle.We no longer became separate colors on canvas, but a united painting. Her influence sank deeper in Titanic proportions as her slightest step created a trail of benevolence. She provided a plethora of traits to emulate, advocating each one in every second, of every minute, of every class; Yet never in words, but in who she was. Above all other lessons, she showed me to love. Love no longer became a cliched word, but one that couldn’t describe itself. She demonstrated the transcendence of what love is. Her life became a testament to how perfect it is, similar to a circle. Love is given, and it is received. It moves upon itself, perpetually incandescent in the heart. Love can’t be drawn into words, like drawing a circle. Love became an experience, yet one I never fully understood. Now matured, holding the tangible experience of love in my heart, her lesson seeps through. Love is a circle, the cornerstone of life. Love makes our life flow into yin and yang, overcome with balance and peace. When we comprehend the circle, we love, we truly live.