This I Believe

Joshua - Biloxi, Mississippi
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Breaking Apart, Brings People Together

I believe that by breaking apart from some friends I have become closer to others. At the end of my senior year in high school I believed that me and my core group of friends would all stay in touch and remain just as tight as we had been in high school. As summer pasted the distance between us had already started to lengthen even though no one had left town yet to go off to college. Two friendships that had survived since kindergarten and sixth grade were suddenly withering before me. I did not know how to handle losing two of my closest friends. When the school year started I still missed them, but I had already accepted the fact that they were gone before the summer had ended. For a few months I had so much extra free time that I usually ended up just sitting around not doing much of anything except going to school and work.

As time passed I started to notice that I had begun to build stronger relationships with my other friends. It seemed like when I lost two of my best friends I had gained even more. My group of friends had gained new members and the bonds I had with my old friends had just been strengthen to a higher level. Now that I had gained more best friends I was always surrounded by one, if not many more, of my friends at all time. Whether it was just sitting at my house or getting into trouble all along the Coast they were there. So it seems that by breaking apart from my old friends I had actually gained more and better friends.