My Own Piece of Love

Kathryn - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in snow. Within an hour the dark world is painted white and brought to life. Light, soft, radiant, and absolutely pure, one snowfall can change my day. I wake up everyday possibly hoping that just the slightest bit of snow will fall, take Monday morning for example. I woke up just like any other day and got ready not really preparing for anything. Driving to school was a usual bore, nice bare trees and gray skies, I say a quick goodbye to my Mom, but was stopped in my tracks by the radio. Seven inches in the valley, right like that’s going to happen, it hasn’t snowed once since October. Twenty minutes later the most massive flakes started to fall and my mood went from pissy to completely ecstatic. A bit too excited, considering the fact that I actually opened my classroom windows so that the flakes would slowly fall into the room. It’s odd how something so small and usual could drastically change my disposition.

Maybe it’s the sheer bliss of snow, or the fact that nature can create something so incredibly stunning, but for me it’s the way the snow illuminates my world. All the factors that make up my life are glowing; even the sky seems to be brighter especially at night time. I feel so warm and safe when I know that the entire city is at peace and I can rest soundly. For some incredulous reason I feel like not a thing in the world can hurt me, I have some sort of force field built around me as the snowflakes fall gracefully. All bit of stress falls away from my body and mind, and I’m overcome with peace and love, as if I’m becoming a snowflake myself. I can find myself when it snows and I’m able to take everything out of my mind and just think about me. Snow is my enlightenment.

The one and only thing I can compare to playing in the snow is curling up in a blanket and watching the snow glisten in the light. When I watch the snow and realize that it’s 30 degrees or below outside makes me unbelievably grateful for everything that I have. The simple things in life that are so normal to everyone else, gives me a chance to view my life from the outside. There are some people that have to spend their nights sleeping in the snow with no one to comfort them; don’t we at least deserve to enjoy this time of the year? I vow to share with people what I am lucky to have. Because of this snowfall every year I can help someone in need and make sure that they can feel the joy like I do. We all ought to have a chance to watch this phenomenon in peace. Snow is the equivalent to making someone happy.

Fate has taken its course in my situation, I could be in sunny Fresno, California, where I was born, right this very moment, but somehow I ended up here where the snow falls for four months every year. I experience snowfall because of nature, therefore I am grateful for every thing that it does for me and the people in this world. Without nature my small city would look the same every single day, and how boring would that be.