This I Believe

Richard - Park City, Utah
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose, respect

I believe that every body deserves respect and that we are equal as human beings. When I was born I was diagnosed with ocular albinism. Ocular albinism is a loss of a gene that results is loss of pigmentation in my eyes and my skin. Most people would see an albino with very white skin. I have this same gene. My ocular albinism is not as bad as most people that have it. I am just really white when you see me especially out side. It does affect my eyesight. Because of this I am very accepted and never judge people on how they look. For example over the years I have befriended the nerds, the cool kids, and all sorts of people from different ethnic backgrounds. This is how I think every one equal because of my prospective of how people are. I also believe that every body deserves respect.

I also believe in my eyes. My eyes and every thing about them are really bad. My depth perception is espcially bad. I have had the faith in my eyes to do lots of stuff. For example basket ball, soccer, lacrosse, and many other sports. I failed at all of these. My depth perception used to be so bad I could not tell when the ball was coming towards me. Since I was not doing to well at sports I started playing video games. I did not realize it at first but video games really helped my depth perception. One game in particular that helped me would have to be Guitar Hero. This game was one of the games that helped me because it could really tell when something was coming towards me. If I did not have this game I would not be able to drive. Even with Guitar Hero driving is hard for my depth perception. Another thing that helped me is all the racing games I have played. I have played so many racing games I can name all of the Need for Speed games with out even looking them up.

I also believe that everything comes to you and everyone is on a predetermined path. The reason I believe this is because I am going to a private Catholic school. I did not go out looking for Judge Memorial Catholic School, it came looking for me. In the summer of 2005 my family got a letter from the State of Utah saying I was eligible to apply for a scholarship to go to private school. Before we got this letter, we never considered sending me to a private school. The ironic thing about it was I really wanted to learn German and the public school where I lived stopped offering it. I thought I would never learn German. I believe that every body has a predetermined path. If I did not have a positive outlook on life, I would have quit a long time ago. Also I believe this because I believe that God created each of us for a reason.