Alex - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe in myself. I believe that if you want something and you try hard enough you can achieve it. As I have been growing up I’ve always heard, you can do it I know you can. I hear that from my parents, grandparents and other relatives and I have heard it from my teachers also. With so many people telling you that you can do it, you cant help but believe in yourself.

Through my own experiences I have also found that if I really want it and try hard then I can get it. One significant example in my life that really represents this is when I fractured the knuckle between my big toe and my foot. The doctor told me it would take 1-3 months for it to heal and for me to be able to run or put any weight on my toe. This is was sad for me because I had planned on going to a camp to do a biking trip. Instead of being sad and thinking I won’t be able to go to camp. I never thought about my inability to go to camp, instead I just kept thinking I will get better and go on my trip. Two and a half weeks later I went into for the doctor to check on my toe and he said it had been almost fully healed. Four days after that check up I was in New Hampshire and biked a total of over 250 miles with 5 days. That really made me think about the power of thought in me and how just not getting down on myself saved my trip.