Happiness Begins With Dessert

Lizz - Tooele, Utah
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe that happiness begins with dessert. Now you might think to yourself, “Well everyone loves something sweet every now and then,” but that’s not exactly what I mean. I am specifically talking about chocolate-desserts. It might be hard to believe, but chocolate is actually really healthy for you in some cases. Surprisingly enough, chocolate has over 300 chemicals that have numerous and varied effects on our bodies through the nervous system.

I could go into long boring detail of how chocolate affects the mind, but I like to keep things short and simple. So here’s the bottom line. Eating chocolate increases the levels of endorphins released into the brain, giving some proof to the claim that chocolate is a comfort food. Endorphins are what control your emotions. Specifically your positive emotions. So when we eat chocolate, or a chocolaty dessert, we feel happier, and even calmer.

This is just one of the reasons that I believe happiness begins with dessert. Truth be told, I first saw this saying at Applebee’s, while I was flipping through the dessert menu. Right on the front, it said “Happiness Begins with Dessert,” and this made me really think. Have you honestly ever eaten chocolate pudding without having a smile on your face? I know that I haven’t. This goes to show that dessert is really a special thing, and even highly thought of all over the world. It has been favored by people ranging from the ancient Aztecs to high society Victorians and even Popes.

But for me, dessert is a time of my family coming together. For some reason, my Mom always goes all out on dessert. If nothing else, we will always have something for dessert to eat, which makes it really special for me. One of my personal favorites is lemon meringue pie. I’ve only made it once, and I will spare your time by summing it up into these two words, Epic Failure. So I know that I can always rely on Marie Callender’s to have a delicious lemon meringue pie practically calling my name.

When it comes down to it, happiness really does begin with dessert. And in some cases, it’s not exactly a choice. But in others, like mine, dessert is a part of my everyday that spreads joy throughout my life!