My Awesome Afro

David - Bellaire, Texas
Entered on December 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in individuality; it’s what makes our society strong. If someone is good at something, they contribute their talent in society. There are some unique characteristics that don’t provide a skill, but they may grant the person a quality or advantage in their life. My unique characteristic is my hair. It doesn’t give me a skill, but it does help me get along with more people. People notice me more often, and I have become well-known around my school. My hair will probably be one of the things that will pull me through high school.

I realized the true potential of my hair at the beginning of school. There was this junior, who never told me his name, who called me “Seth” or “Superbad” every time he saw me. At first, my friends thought of it as an insult, and they knew my hair was causing it. After the first two months, our school’s homecoming dance was here. I was so excited, because I went with a girl from my old school and all of my friends. At the dance, I was thirsty, so I went to get something to drink. On my way there, that junior stopped my, yelling, “Seth.” He brought me up to two of his friends and their dates. His friends all recognized me, and it wasn’t long until their dates did as well.

When this happened, I was expecting the worst. Then, instead of all of them laughing at me, they gave me high fives, and their dates gave me hugs. This is one of the best things that had ever happened to me. My friends saw the whole thing, and they finally admitted my hair was awesome. Ever since that night, I have realized my hair is a blessing, not a curse. Now, I’m playing rugby, and everyone there calls me “Superbad.” Even the coaches call me that, and now, I feel more confident about high school. I never thought that a simple head of curly hair would earn me all this popularity.

My point is that everyone has their own unique qualities that help them physically or characteristically. My afro has given me physical encouragement with everyone accepting me as a friend, and it has given me a strong sense of confidence and individuality. It has made me confident about myself, inspired me to work harder, and given me a better understanding of people. From high school through adulthood, I will cherish my hair. My characteristics and feelings give me an individuality that I will not lose.